Title of the operation

Reactivation of industrial heritage in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Llaudet Colony Museum)


Recover, protect, preserve and enhance the disused architectural, cultural, historical, intangible and natural heritage of the demarcation of Girona, through the generation of economic, social, cultural, touristic and knowledge value with a strong innovative component .


3,311,101.58 euros


  • Generalitat / FEDER (1,655,550.79 euros)
  • Province of Girona (873,775.40 euros)
  • GRETA Association, Group for the Recovery and Study of Architectural Tradition (57,375.00 euros)
  • University of Girona (184,374.40 euros)
  • CC Alt Empordà (56,375.29 euros)
  • Roses City Council (117,057.99 euros)
  • Amer City Council (63,985.49 euros)
  • English Town Council (87,275.21 euros)
  • Sant Joan de les Abadesses City Council (137,726.03 euros)
  • UIER - Ripollès Intersectoral Business Union (77,606.01 euros)

Other entities participating in the project

  • UEC - Union of Construction Entrepreneurs of Girona
  • ICRPC - Catalan Institute for Research in Cultural Heritage
  • ADRINOC - Association for the Integral Rural Development of the North-Eastern Zone of Catalonia

expected result

Recovery, rehabilitation and conservation of heritage while contributing to the economic and social dynamism of the territory.


  • The anonymous architectural heritage of natural spaces.
  • Traditional construction techniques: dry stone and Catalan vault.
  • Innovation for the economic, social and ecological valorization of dry stone heritage.
  • Valorization of the dry stone cultural heritage in the Garriga d'Empordà.
  • ICT applied to historical and cultural heritage.
  • Old carrilet station buildings: ICT and recovery as a tool for tourism revitalization.
  • Recovery and promotion of social, cultural and touristic value of the industrial heritage of the old Burés factory.
  • Reactivation of the industrial heritage in Sant Joan de les Abadesses.
  • Reactivation of the industrial heritage in Ripollès.
  • Coordination of the PECT "Girona, Active Heritage".